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    Friends of the Rambow Churches

“Friends of the Rambow Churches” (Förderkreis Rambower Kirchen
e. V.) was founded in 1994 as a charitable membership corporation. The mission of the Friends is to preserve and to restore the church in the village of Rambow in the Muritz area in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (North Eastern Germany), including the adjoined graveyard and the ruin of a church in the former village of Domherrenhagen that has been abandoned for centuries. The activities are financed by membership fees (65,00 € per year and person), guided tours, concerts, donations, and grants.

The Friends achieved notable success in cleaning and stablizing the Wüste Kirche Domherrenhagen in 2004 and in sanifying and renovating the outside of the Rambow church in 2008/2009. Due to a generous private donation new weather vanes were installed on top of the tower and the eastern gable.

In 2011 the bell was brought back after 100 years of exile in the Castle Penzlin. With the help of the regional church administration, the Evangelisch-Lutherische Landeskirche Mecklenburg, the Friends were able to set up a small organ in the church—for the first time.

The upcoming activities will focus on the nave and a barrier-free access to the church in Rambow in cooperation with the parish Bülow-Rambow (Kirchgemeinde Bülow-Rambow)—step by step.

If you want to support the Friends or become a member, please contact

  Angelika Freifrau von Maltzahn, Ulrichshusen

Renate Baahs, Panschenhagen
vice chairwoman, phone +49 39926 3136

or send an email to info@rambower-kirchen.de.

The Förderkreis Rambower Kirchen e. V. is entitled to issue receipts
for donations and membership fees, following the notice of exemption by the local tax office (Finanzamt Waren) from 24 May, 2012.

Bank account for donations and membership fees:

  IBAN DE60 1505 0100 0640 1050 09
Müritz Sparkasse Waren (Müritz)
Supporter’s Declaration form download (PDF, 28 KB)
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